Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's been too long!

Well, so much has happened since I last posted. I got a job, had a very bad dental accident, my favorite cousin is moving to montana, sold my horse (to the cousin who is moving!), and bought a new horse (which I will be starting a new blog on soon! It will be called Aimee & Kate: one step at a time! watch for it!).

The wedding is coming together nicely, but not nearly as nicely as I had hoped.. I have three bridesmaids and two junior bridesmaids. One of my three big bridesmaids has too big a chest to fit into any of the darn patterns I picked out for my aunt to make the dresses. Now I'm one dress short and about 100 nerves til' I break.

Oh, I forgot about my first wedding dress. The seamstress RUINED IT. I went to amy's alterations in Bellingham, WA. She told me she could alter the dress, when in fact it could not be altered. she altered it at the zipper (which you are never suppose to do to a wedding dress) and she ruined it. I would have to be dolly parton to fit into that dress! So I ended up getting my money back, I'm having another lady fix it for 30 bucks. I went to davids bridal in burlington and bought a brand new dress (which I like more :]). Anyways, everything as far as wedding stuff goes is coming along except that stuff. Which could be better, but I shouldn't complain there are some people who don't have a wedding dress at all.

We're having the wedding at Totem Terrace Park. At the Aluminum Refinery my Father, Brother, and Fiance work at. They have a really nice park way out in the back that overlooks the water! It's an amazing view and I cannot wait to get married there! I had the trial run for my hair today and it went well.

Jcpenny salon is great. The girl I'm going through there is named Juana. She is an awesome latina girl that you don't feel uncomfortable talking to! So many times I've had horrible stylists who can't hold up a conversation and make you feel completely uncomfortable. & nobody wants to feel uncomfortable while getting their hair done, even if the stylist is AMAZING at what they do. ESPECIALLY ON THEIR WEDDING DAY!