Monday, December 10, 2007

The start of it all!

Ah yes, The start of it all!
Ross and I met around the end of june. The Twenty ninth I believe. A couple of my friends had been playing pool at park bowl & I was convinced to tag along. I showed up late of course, it took them a while to convince me to just come and play pool.. It eventually worked.. I showed up, expecting just them and the guy my friend had been crushing on. I showed up, and come to find it was about 5 people I did not know. lol. I'm a fairly shy person. So, it wasn't something I was looking forward too..

My friend Briyanna met me outside.. we walked in and I immediately noticed a pretty good looking guy playing pool at the same table we were. I knew it had to be a friend of one of her friends.. I was right. He had come up from Shelton, WA. To hang out with his friends. My first thought? LOVELY, of course. I choose the guy who lives at the opposite end of the state! Just my luck. But, That didn't stop us from falling madly in love with eachother. We hardly talked that night... But, We all hung out the next night after they got back from the water park. :]

We all decided to go to a park and hang out.. swing, slide.. just like we were little kids again! It was a blast. I was really hoping to talk to Ross more that night... He must have read my mind! I had been swinging with friends, when he walked up and pulled me away from everybody else.. so we could actually get to know eachother.. we asked eachother all the normal boring questions.. (where'd you grow up? What's you're favorite sport?... etc. etc.).. It was a pretty warm summer night.. around 1 in the morning.. but.. of course it had to start getting cold.. and me being the most forgetful person on the face of the planet forgot my jacket at my friend's house. So, we eventually retreated back to the vehicles. Briyanna and her friends in my car, and ross and I in his... we were still talking about boring stuff... but we eventually ran out of things to talk about... it got really quiet.. I ended up spacing out and looking out the window, when he asked me what I was thinking about.. out of impulse, I answered completely honestly..."I'd really like to kiss you"...then I realized I said it out loud. I'm so glad it was dark out.. I was the brightest shade of magenta you could possibly find! To my surprise, this response did not bother him. When I turned to look at him...He kissed me! I knew, right then and there, he was the guy I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I had never felt that way before! I couldn't walk, talk.. or anything else you regularily do on a daily basis... We hung out every day for the next four or five days... Until he had to go back to shelton. But, we had exchanged phone numbers! The night he left and got back to shelton, he called me as soon as he got home.. We talked for about 3 hours.. during that three hours the dating subject came up.. we both knew we wanted to date eachother.. Well, I wanted to marry him.. but I figured that would be a little startling. ;]
So, we were basically beating around the bush for around twenty minutes until he finally asked me to be his girlfriend, I accepted of course! From then on it just kept getting better. We were a little over a month when he proposed! I said yes, obviously.

He lives up here now, and everything is amazing. We're in the process of planning the wedding! It's a very stressful, exciting thing to do! We're hoping for this August!

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