Friday, December 14, 2007

Time for a new job!!

Well, it has come time to find a new job. Especially after I got my cell phone bill. Which was about $80.00 more than it was suppose to be. Crap? I like to think so.

So, I have an interview at Kmart. I don't want to work there, but it's a job you know? Wedding's don't pay for themselves... Neither do parents if you live in the real world (I'm not saying mine aren't helping, but they sure as heck ain't payin' for the whole thing)!!! As far as I am concerned, as long as Kmart pays me for the hours I work (unlike my other job I had) I'll have no problem working for them.

Oh, My poor doggie (5 lb female chihuahua). She's got problems with her knee's... they keep giving out.. but I don't have the money for her surgery.. so I've been keeping her in her large kennel 99% of the time. But, atleast her knee's are healing again. The vet say's she'll be fine if I pamper her for about two weeks like this. And it's never failed before, so I think it'll be fine! I just feel so bad for her...

Speaking of doggies, My mom just got rid of the two puppies I acquired from my brother's ex.. I was hoping to keep them. Smartest darn dogs I've ever had.. and she gets rid of them! Crap? I think so too.

I've almost got the paper I needed from the highschool so I can go to the college and get my GED. I have to go in on monday and sign some stuff. Then pick up my paper!!!! I'm really excited. The sooner I get my paper, the sooner I get my GED and the sooner I get to take college classes so I can get a real job (Real Estate)!!!!! I'm extremely excited!!!

I've been so tired lately, it's rediculous!! I've been really sick though, too. That explains it. I'm always sick during this time of year. Now through late spring I'm constantly sick!! That's what no immune system gets you!

I'm drinking one of ross's pepsi's. I shouldn't be, because I hate pepsi. But it's something other than water to drink. This pepsi is okay though, it's been refrigerated in my fridge.. which means it's the coldest in there you can get without actually freezing something. : ]

I should go clean my bedroom, but I think that I'm going to take a nap on the couch instead : ]

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